You Have Just Had a Fire — Owner/Occupant

  1. If you discover a fire or smell smoke in a building, sound the alarm immediately.
  2. Call 911 if you are safe, giving them your personal information – name, house or building address, floor, room number and type of incident.
  3. Complete the evacuation of building, close windows and doors on your evacuation.
  4. If there is an elevator in your building do not use.
  5. If you are trapped in the fire if possible wet a cloth and place it under the door.
  6. Be prepared to signal someone outside.
  7. If you are caught by smoke, drop to the floor and crawl to an exit.
  8. Proceed to a pre determined area away from the house or building.
  9. Notify fire fighters if you suspect that anyone is trapped in the building.
  10. Once the fire is out call Taylor Restoration to secure the structure.
  11. Call the insurance company to notify the type of loss.
  12. Make necessary arrangements for accommodation.